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No Mobile coverage? GSM-Repeater-Shop will fix it!

by Superpress

You know the drill. Will you come out of your home and you suddenly you missed trhee calls. How is that possible? Your mobile is not reachable in your own environment. Major causes are the green surroundings. Trees absorb the signal very well. It may also be due to the mast which simply too far away. If the mast further away than 2 kilometers, the indoor reception is often much less. But it can also be the quality of your home. Today’s homes are so well insulated that it is difficult for the signal to penetrate well. No mobile coverage in your home? We have the solution!

With a Mobile Repeater, you can easily bring back mobile coverage

No mobile coverage… A GSM repeater is an amplifier of the GSM signal. Going on as high as possible on the wall / roof is installed an external antenna. The antenna transmits and receives the signal and is connected by means of a coaxial cable connected to the repeater. This “box” usually has an internal antenna which is screwed directly on the repeater. The signal is outside “picked up” and indoor broadcast again. A repeater communicates, meaning that it sends and receives. The box is connected to the electricity network.

If there is bad signal out. One or two lines on the phone, then it is necessary to operate with a directional antenna. These antennas are often larger and usually less attractive in design, but it is essential for the proper functioning of the system. After all, everything starts with a good foundation. www.mobile-repeater-shop.co.uk

Small and large buildings

No mobile coverage… A GSM repeater can be used in areas from 10 m2 to complete office towers or large industrial buildings. Repeaters are also widely used for example in indoor car parks, concert halls and basements. Also new sustainable buildings, the reception is often poor due to the good insulation. If there are larger rooms or several small offices, it is advisable to use several indoor antennas. These are fed by adding to the repeater splitter (s) and or coupler (s). This allows the signal respectively evenly or unevenly distributed. In order to get a good distribution-site can be chosen between the wall and ceiling antennas. The wall antennas radiate 180 degrees off and the ceiling versions are highly suitable for ceiling and rays from 360 degrees. This makes them very suitable for placing in the middle of a room.

CE! approval

A repeater must CE! have been approved. Then there is a CE! + Number on the repeater and the carton. There are many cheap providers who say they have it, but in reality that is not the case. Then the CE for Chinese Export instead of a certificate from a reputed institute like for example the German TUV. It is not technically possible for a repeater under € 275, – / GBP 250,- to sell that meets all requirements. Repeaters who meet all the requirements are for example the models Rosenfelt. On the website www.gsm-repeater-shop.co.uk  sold these repeaters.

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