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Expressive and elegant design of premium materials

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Expressive and elegant design of premium materials

Philips InStyle luminaires are available in different versions and therefore fit perfectly into any interior. With many applications and finishes, they combine well with features like curtains, furniture, paint and accessories to complete the look you want. Our attention to detail and design help you to create your own style, just the way you want – an inviting atmosphere and an environment where you and your friends and family feel at home.

Multiple applications and various finishing options

If you enjoy dealing with home furnishings and loves experimenting with new styles and themes, then Philips InStyle is for you. Philips InStyle is a range of decorative hanging, wall and ceiling lighting and floor and table lamps in different colors and premium materials.


Adjustable light intensity with dimmer

Adjust the light intensity of the Philips LED lights with a dimmer switch (not included). You can change the ambiance to any occasion, whether it’s a romantic dinner for two goes or a pleasant evening with family and friends in your living room. Philips tested a number of wall dimmers suitable for Philips LED lamps. A current list of compatible dimmers is available in the support section of the website. https://www.shop.philips.nl/verlichting/

energy efficient

This Philips light conserves energy compared with traditional light sources. So you save on your energy bill and contribute to a better environment. Extremely long life

A light source you can trust. Philips LED lights offer an extremely long life of at least 20,000 hours (equivalent to 20 years at an average use of 3 hours per day and a minimum of 13,000 switching cycles). With Philips LED lighting, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance or lamp replacement and can be home enjoying the perfect mood lighting.

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